About the Therapists of Bridging Hope Counseling

Bridging Hope Counseling is an independent private practice counseling service offering individual, family, couple, DBT Skills groups, Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ Groups, sand tray and play therapy. There are fours locations: Rogers, Buffalo, Lino Lakes and Wayzata, MN. There are several therapists who practice independently or are employed for Bridging Hope Counseling. Please check out the bios to find out more about each therapist. Once you are scheduled with a therapist, you can communicate with them directly. If you choose to schedule through the main number, please call 763-291-5505.  


Heidi Waldoch, MA, LMFT

Heidi Waldoch, MA, LMFT, CDWF - Rogers & Lino Lakes

Heidi Waldoch, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MN Board, AAMFT Approved Supervisor LPCC Board Approved Supervisor, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, speaker and the Owner of Bridging Hope Counseling.  She can be reached through the main number at 763-291-5505 or 651-247-6833, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Twitter @bridginghope.  She offers individual, couple, family counseling, DBT Skills, and is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization) and the Daring Way™.  She works with adolescents, teens, adults and couples.  She collaborates many techniques and styles with each client so therapy is effective.  She currently has very limited openings and is not taking new clients. She is also available for speaking engagements. 


Jennifer Urbach

Rebekah Brandvold, MA, LMFT- Rogers

Rebekah Brandvold, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT and LPCC MN Board and AAMFT Approved Supervisor, EMDR Certified Therapist and an experienced therapist of over 20 years. She offers individual, couples and family counseling and specializes in trauma therapy, couples issues, spiritual issues, disordered eating, and struggles with anxiety. 

"I consider myself to have an active approach to therapy. After exploring the background and key issues around a problem, I will look at the possible steps that could be taken to make it different. Sometimes the process requires taking risks and asking difficult questions, but I also believe in doing so in a respectful and collaborative way, that makes the process a little easier. I appreciate your willingnesss to look at the ways that you would like things to go differently and to try a new approach. This may involve a couple willing to discuss difficult issues, a family recognizing communication problems or an individual facing anxiety. I have learned many things from studying trauma therapy and find that even small problems often involve fear of vulnerability, worry for the future and a tendency to get stuck in old patterns. Change often is easier with support through these strong emotions." Rebekah can be contacted at 763-292-0464 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gina Daniels, MS, LMFT

Gina Daniels, MS, LMFT - Buffalo

Gina Daniels is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering counseling for individuals, couples, and families in the Buffalo location.  Over the years she has worked most extensively with children, teens and their families. She is interested in working with clients and who they define as the “family,” or their most significant relationships. Issues of trauma, grief, loss, transition, abuse, and diversity have been central to her work throughout her career.  She co-facilitates many DBT skills groups, and is current pursuing certification in the Daring Way™. Please call 763-291-3031 to schedule an appointment or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Cindy Meyer, MA, LMFT, LADC

Cindy Meyer, MA, LMFT, LADC - Rogers & Buffalo

Cindy Meyer, MA, LMFT, LADC is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  She works in the Rogers and Buffalo locations.  You can reach her at 763-438-4971 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She has a wide variety of experience working with individuals, families and couples for over 10 years with behavioral, mental and chemical health struggles  . Her extensive work in varied settings has provided her the opportunity to work with a range of clients from those actively seeking therapy to those that are more resistant. Cindy co-facilitates many DBT Skills groups, the social skills groups, and the Adult Recovery Group


Breanna Heintzelman, MA, LMFT

Breanna Heintzelman, MA, LMFT - Buffalo

Breanna Heintzelman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering individual, family and couples counseling. In her work, she focuses on enriching communication to foster rewarding relationships as well as to generate positive personal experiences and live a “life worth living”. Breanna is available to see clients in Buffalo. She co-facilitates many DBT skills groups, is co-facilitating a Buffalo 8 Week Daring Way™ Group and is current pursuing certification in the Daring Way™. To contact Breanna, please call 320-266-6170 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Samantha Yerks, MSW LICSW LADC- Lino Lakes

Samantha works with a wide range of individuals, specialize in dual diagnosis and the treatment of addiction. Some of the common areas that she treats are: dual diagnosis (Mental health and Substance abuse) relationships, addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, family of origin issues, abuse, insecurities, problems managing stress, mood instability and anger. She also works with people who have a loved one or close relationship with someone who has problems with addiction, alcoholism or a mental health disorder. Samantha also provides Substance Abuse Assessments, Individual Therapy, Family & Couples Therapy and Mental Health Evaluations. Her contact information is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 612-424-1574. She works in the Lino Lakes location Wednesday through Sunday.

Jill Bias, MA, LAMFT

Jill Meyer, MA, LMFT - Lino Lakes

Jill is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her contact information is 612-401-4573 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She is taking clients in the Lino Lakes office.

Sometimes life can get so overwhelming! When searching for a therapist, how does one know that the therapist “gets it”? Jill gets it! Turn towards the professionals who are going to help build up arsenals. Jill firmly believe that is the fundamental piece of what people need to move through their pain, struggles, and transitions. Jill can help clients work towards building a peaceful, whole, complete self with tools and skills to move forward..

Jill facilitates DBT skills groups and also the Brave girl's Tween group!


Emily Anderson, MSW, LICSW

Emily Anderson, MSW, LICSW - Wayzata

Emily Anderson is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker offering counseling for individuals, couples and families in the Wayzata location.  She has worked extensively with children, adolescents and families coping with differences by way of a developmental disability, mental health or trauma.  In addition to seeing clients at the Wayzata office she is in partnership with Hope Academy in South Minneapolis where she provides individual, family and parent child guidance to the student body in order to navigate both the world within the context of school as well as their family and community. She believes in helping people be strengthened through identifying, engaging, and building off their individual and familial strengths; through teaching functional skills and helping them achieve an effective way of coping with life’s challenges. 

Her contact information is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 651-357-8996. 


Fawn Vogt, MA, LPCC, LADC - Wayzata

Fawn Vogt holds licensure as both a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). Fawn has worked in mental health and chemical dependency fields for 20 years giving her a wealth of knowledge and varying clinical expertise. Through this experience Fawn has worked with adolescents, adults, and families assisting them in creating a life worth living. Her therapeutic demeanor is one of empathy, support, and compassionate challenging for growth. In this style, Fawn acknowledges a need to treat each individual as unique and met them where they are in their process of change. Fawn can be reached at 763-670-8119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Shannon Nelson

Shannon Bruch, MA, LPCC, CCTP – Rogers

Shannon Bruch is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering individual, couples, and family counseling. Shannon is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Shannon strives for genuine connection with clients and uses narrative, cognitive, and somatic approaches as the foundation of her work. Shannon has a passion for working with clients in a nonjudgmental way, while helping them journey their unique path. Shannon believes, as stated by Joseph Campbell, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Shannon believes in a holistic approach to therapy and the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. Contact Shannon by phone at: 763-639-9801, or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Shannon sees clients at our Rogers location Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Jennifer Urbach

Jennifer Urbach, MA, LPCC- Lino Lakes

Jennifer Urbach is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) offering counseling to adolescents, adults, and couples in the Lino Lakes location.  She would feel honored to be a part of your journey to help improve life satisfaction one step at a time.  Jennifer is committed to creating a safe environment to build healthy relational patterns.  Treating anxiety, depression and trauma with the use of EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a passion of hers. She realizes there are real barriers to life functioning and through the use of Behavior Therapy and positive thought patterns (CBT and DBT) you can work past these together.  To schedule an appointment please call 763-291-5505 (office) or 651-317-9081 (direct) or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Robert Floren, MA, LMFT - Wayzata

Robert has a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He offers individual, family, and couples counseling at our Wayzata location.      

Robert enjoys spending time outdoors and he finds great healing power in nature.  This is especially true when trying to find calm in the chaotic everyday lives we find ourselves in.  The art of sitting with our experience, being curious, and slowing the process down is a great way for healing and growth to take place.  Robert wants to hear about your experiences and how you relate to others in order to be of the most help with the relationships in your life. His contact information is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 507-951-9688.

Michael Vidana

Michael Vidana, MS - Lino Lakes

Michael has a degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin: River Falls and received his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. During his time in the south, he received invaluable experiences working alongside adolescents, teens, adults and couples in achieving positive change. He is currently a Mental Health Practitioner pursuing licensure to be a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

Michael understands that there are times in everyone’s lives where they may be distressed and want to try and change the way things are currently going for the better. As such, he identifies the significance of upholding a working alliance, so that the client’s strengths, needs, and abilities are integrated in all aspects of therapy. Michael believes that it is important that both the goals and direction of therapy are collaboratively decided between client and therapist, so that client concerns can be addressed in a truly meaningful and respectful way. He also realizes that the most important things to discuss are often the hardest to say, and asking for additional help can take a fair amount of courage and commitment. Therefore, Michael aims to meet your resolve with his own in helping you reach whatever goal you wish to strive towards. He can be reached at 651-323-8451 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kelsey McLaughlin, MA, LAMFT  - Lino Lakes

Kelsey is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at the Lino Lakes location. She can be contacted at 515-202-5365 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Kelsey is available to see clients Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Kelsey enjoys working with individuals, families, and couples. She has clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and families with a variety of mental health concerns.

Our lives are far from simple.  Each day is brimming with unique challenges, and we are all situated in relationships that either bolster our success or hinder our growth.  Whether the relationship of focus is with yourself, a partner, a coworker, a friend, or a family member, relational distress has the potential to make the management of our hurdles and triumphs complex.  Reorienting ourselves within these relationships and resituating ourselves within these struggles makes it possible to restore patterns of hope.  


Tasha Rischmiller MA, Psychotherapist - Rogers

Tasha has a degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has completed her master's degree in Psychological Services at St. Mary's University. She has a passion working with teens and adults in multiple settings including individual, couple and group therapy. Tasha believes that each person's indivual journey is unique and that they have the knowledge to unlock their own happiness. By listening and empowering her clients, Tasha helps facilitate a safe environment that promotes exploration of feelings and positive change.  Tasha is currently participating in DBT groups for adolescent girls in Rogers. She is available Tuesday - Friday and can take evening appointments. She can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 952-769-7400.



Andy Carson, MA - Buffalo

Andy is laid back and personable. If you've ran into a road block, he wants to help. He admires the strength it takes to make the call to come in for counseling. He sees that people feel limited and he wants to help clients regain their strength and power to be the best self possible. He is looking to help in any way that deems neccessary collaboratively with the client.

Andy Carson has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Adler Graduate School in Richfield, MN.  Andy is a Mental Health Practitioner pursuing licensure to be a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor; he is also a Career Counselor.  As a holistic thinker he prefers to use skills from all the above mentioned areas to best help his clients create and reach their goals.  Andy views therapy as collaborative effort between the client(s) and the therapist.  He believes that a deeper sense of self-awareness is crucial to facilitate change and create positive and useful thoughts, behaviors, and habits to implement in everyday life.  He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 763-245-2576.

Andy has interest in working with people of all abilities, and has a particular interest working with adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the diagnosis formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome.    


Haley Guetter, Intern - Psychotherapist - Rogers

Haley has a BA degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University (SCSU) and is completing her Master of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from SCSU.  She has 2 years of experience working with adolescents, adults, and older adults in an inpatient mental health setting. Haley values the natural healing process that takes place through making authentic connections with others and oneself. She believes that growth and change happen through cultivating a deeper understanding of oneself, others, and this world. This occurs by expressing who we truly are as individuals, while building and maintaining trusting relationships with others. She takes an experiential and systemic approach to therapy, while adapting to each individual and their particular strengths, challenges, and needs. Haley acknowledges that change is hard and that it takes courage to ask for support, as well as it taking a significant more amount of courage to overcome old patterns of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. That being said, she commends you for simply considering help! Haley will be alongside you as you work together to discover truths, explore meaning, confront fears, restore relationships, and heal unresolved wounds. "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy.  The amount of work is the same" -Carlos Castaneda. Haley believes that the transformative nature of therapy, however painful, increases our capacity to live our most fulfilling and meaningful life. She can be contacted at 651-764-6522 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 



Rachel Resler, Intern-Psychotherapist-Rogers/Lino Lakes

Rachel understands from personal experience that relationships can have difficult seasons—and it can feel intimidating and vulnerable to reach out for help. Her goal is to help you navigate through those seasons and come out stronger on the other side. Rachel’s own experience of growth in therapy led her to pursue her graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in order to help others grow and thrive in their relationships with themselves, their partners, and their families. Rachel has a mindful, eclectic, and strengths-based approach that includes experiential learning and self-compassion. She enjoys tailoring therapy to the needs and interests of her clients and empowering them to discover how much they already know. She has particular interests in premarital counseling, working with couples in crisis, and she can provide faith-based counseling if desired. Rachel has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and adolescents. She is a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich, and is a member of AAMFT and MAMFT. She can be contacted at 651-338-2445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rebecca Urban

Rebecca Urban, Intern - Wayzata

Rebecca has her BA in Art and Psychology from the University of Sioux Falls. She is completing her Master of Arts at Adler Graduate School in Art Therapy. Rebecca has experience working with children and adolescents with varied abilities in a school setting. She also has experience working with adults with special needs. 

Rebecca believes that connection and encouragement are fundamental in the healing process. She believes that art can be a powerful tool in helping people connect with themselves, the world, and those around them. Rebecca believes that each individual has their own personal story and way of viewing the world, and she believes in honoring this viewpoint. She sees art as a tool that can be used to heal, encourage growth, and establish relationships. She believes that health comes through small steps and individual choices, and simply making the choice to come to therapy is brave! She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 605-610-5835.